Seren Spain & Daniel Tedford live at the Inglenook Sessions
7:30 PM19:30

Seren Spain & Daniel Tedford live at the Inglenook Sessions

The Inglenook Sessions rage on, promising a house-concert like no other: a curated evening of exquisite fireside music, party pieces, recitals, recitations, dramatic monologues, bedtime stories, rambunctious parlour games, the most warming of spiced drinks and possibly the opportunity to violent beat your friends with newspapers.

The Inglenook Sessions have been created to showcase some of Melbourne’s most eloquent song-weavers in an exclusive victorian sitting room environment, cosy as it is resplendent; replete with mysterious rugs of the orient, souvenirs from sacked palaces and plump cushions stuffed with feathers from exotic birds which no longer exist. Your hosts Daniel Bornstein (The Grubby Urchins, Ice Cream in a Mug) and Julie Kavanagh (that Irish girl, you know, the one with the red hair) will open up The Hungry Dust Palace once more on the 21st of June to present the indescribable face-melting talents of Seren Spain and Daniel Tedford, who will both be performing original songs from their new albums which are (separately) pending release.

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