Hailing from London and Melbourne, Seren Spain is connecting deeply with listeners. She began playing violin classically at 5 years of age and writing songs in her own time. Later, teachers realised that she could sing and encouraged her flair for jazz. She developed her voice listening to music from all genres as she grew and wrote songs at the start and end of every day. Her love of wordsmiths lead to studying linguistcs. Today, her wise lyricism, spellbinding voice and honesty have an understated power. Speaking to life’s depths with levity and hope, Seren has a strong message to deliver.

Seren’s songs draw from the world’s glittering jewels: observing people, mythos, life’s many empowering journeys and valleys. After working in solitude, refining her craft and singing her 'Creatures' to life, she decided to record some of her many songs for release for others to hear. They are simultaneously full to the brim with earnest, heart-wrenching emotions yet a healing, uplifting call to rise from wherever you are.

Whilst performing, Seren met multiple Aria Award-Winning and Platinum-selling producer, Mitch Cairns (Russell Morris, Leo Sayer). After hearing her songs, Mitch decided to collaborate on a project soon to see the light.

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Seren Spain