You Lost Nothing - New Single Launch

Hello rare one,

Can I make a confession?

The first single is called “You Lost Nothing”.

I wrote it, ironically, at a loss. Some songs come when you need them. And I needed this one.

I don’t know if the lyrics will make sense to everyone but during that time they were what I needed to hear, what I needed to tell myself. After all of this, no matter what it may feel like you have lost…You lost nothing. You lived. Things came into your world. Things changed and morphed. But what I really mean when I say “You”’s not any “You”. It’s your deepest, deepest, strongest Self.

This is not the same as denying loss prematurely or telling someone not to grieve. You need to feel loss. And grieve. Feel through the bittersweet, instant nostalgia of change & the pain of letting go. Please grieve. Maybe you lost everything. And I’m sorry if you’re there.

After this, when you’re ready, You lost nothing. The song is ready for you. You are whole still after the throes of life. You’re as strong as your bones. Your soul keeps on keepin on. The person you loved who left..was a gift who came to orbit, and left. That tragedy that happened…you might not feeling yourself again quite yet, you might feel like you’ll never get yourself back, but I promise you, you are still there. Rise. You are still as golden as you were before. You will re-emerge whole.

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